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For your average rider, cruisers and touring bikes have a lot in common. They’re both big, powerful bikes that you can hear coming from a mile away. But if you want to be a smart biker, you’re going to need to know the difference. Those looking to ride cross country have different needs from someone who wants a bike for quick trips and weekend rides. Depending on which category you fall into determines which bike you’ll need. Read on to learn more about how you can make a smart motorcycle investment, and if you’re looking for a new bike, stop by RideNow — Rattlesnake Mountain Harley-Davidson® serving Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, Tri-Cities, and Walla Walla, Washington. We also proudly serve Pendleton and La Grande, Oregon.

Many big, classic looking American bikes are cruisers. Heavy on style and power, these bikes are sleek, laid back, and built for style. Because aesthetics often play a larger role than comfort, these bikes are best suited for those shorter, weekend rides.

Because it’s built to visually please, your bike is as cool as you make it. Whether you prefer big ape hanger handlebars or chopper-style extended front forks, these bikes can blend a variety of looks. From chrome to flat black primer, cruisers look great no matter how you manage your touch-ups. If you’re going to invest in a motorcycle, why not invest in a classic motorcycle look? These bikes are made to turn heads.

Cruisers are generally pretty large and heavy. Not to mention, the positioning of the seat in relation to the handlebars makes control a little tricky. Generally, it’s not an easy ride for new bikers. But, if you can ride a cruiser, this could work in your favor. Your ride tells other bikers you’re not messing around. You know how to handle any kind of motorcycle, no matter how “difficult”.

Another perk of owning a cruiser is customization. Cruisers are built for this, so modify your cruiser however you like—for performance, style, or both. They’re nothing if not adjustable, and you can morph your bike into more of a chopper, a bobber, or a bagger.

Touring bikes are more practical and generally a little more comfortable to ride, especially for long trips. Rideability, power, and styling all work together to form a machine that not only gets you where you’re going but makes the ride enjoyable.

Long trips mean you’ll need some luggage. Touring bikes provide enough storage capacity for you to bring along everything you need. This can include: spacious saddlebags, a large top box, or under-seat storage. Some touring bikes even feature luggage racks to allow for more luggage or cargo.

Touring bikes are constructed with comfort in mind. This way, you can spend hours on them at a time without straining a muscle. Touring bikes often feature cushy seats, ergonomic riding positions, and windshields to reduce rider fatigue. Some also have mid-frame air deflectors to keep hot engine air from hitting your legs. The comfort lasts as long as your trip.

Want to bring a friend or loved one along? Touring bikes offer enough room for passengers. Whether you need a navigator and copilot or just a little company to pass the time, a touring bike won’t slow down with the extra weight. With large, powerful engines, you and your companion can still reach your destination in record time.

Ready to check out some touring bikes and cruisers? Stop by RideNow — Rattlesnake Mountain Harley-Davidson®. Our team of passionate riders and Harley® enthusiasts will show you the latest from one of America’s most iconic motorcycle manufacturers. You can find us in Kennewick, Washington, serving Richland, Pasco, Tri-Cities, and Walla Walla, Washington as well as Pendleton and La Grande, Oregon.

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