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The Harley-Davidson Motor Company knows its way around a motorcycle engine. For over a century Harley-Davidson has been pushing innovation in the motorcycle industry by leading the way in power and performance. Since the first single cylinder F-Head engines rolled onto the road in 1903, Harley has worked hard to earn its reputation as one of the finest motorcycle engine manufacturers in the industry. Harley-Davidson has produced seven big V-Twin engines, starting with the F-Head, and later Flathead engines that helped make the company the powerhouse it is today. The Knucklehead design that rolled out in 1936 laid the groundwork for the next seven decades of air cooled engine design, leading to the Panhead engines of the 50’s and 60’s, eventually giving way to the Shovelhead engine in 1966, coinciding with the first Electra-Glide® motorcycles. The Evolution engines that followed led to the development of the Twin Cam engine in 1999, which has powered the touring family until now. Now the Harley-Davidson motor company is taking the next step in big V-Twin performance: The Milwaukee-Eight is here.

Harley-Davidson never does anything in half measures, so the new Milwaukee-Eight is an improvement on the Twin Cam engine in every way. These new engines weight in the same as their predecessors, but the Milwaukee-Eight has a 10% increase in power, churning out a potential 111 foot pounds of torque. The Milwaukee-Eight may weigh the same, but this engine is larger than the Twin Cam engine. The Milwaukee-Eight that comes on stock touring motorcycles is 107 cubic inches, while the CVO touring bikes come equipped with a 114 inch version of this engine. If that’s not enough V-Twin for you, then come in and speak with the service department here at Rattlesnake Mountain Harley-Davidson and we can set you up with a Screamin’ Eagle Stage III upgrade kit that brings your Milwaukee-Eight up to a full 117 cubic inches.

When you first ride a Milwaukee-Eight equipped touring motorcycle, the power isn’t the only thing you’ll notice. The first thing you’ll probably take note of is that these bikes run smoother than previous touring models. The Milwaukee-Eight is rubber mounted, and equipped with a counterbalancer, so you experience less vibration when you ride. Second, you may notice that the Milwaukee-Eight doesn’t seem to run as hot as other engines. The precision cooling system on this motor pulls heat directly from the hottest parts of the engine, making a difference you can feel especially at low speeds. Finally you’ll fill up the gas tank of a Milwaukee-Eight motorcycle less than previous bikes thanks to the eight valve design that allows the engine to get more out of every ignition stroke, improving the fuel economy and reducing the emissions of every 2017 Harley-Davidson touring motorcycle.

With power and performance like never before, the Milwaukee-Eight engine from Harley-Davidson truly is a next generation engine! This fantastic motor is rolling onto a road near you, so come in and experience the Milwaukee-Eight and get familiar with the next era of touring with Harley-Davidson! Rattlesnake Mountain Harley-Davidson offers our selection of Milwaukee-Eight equipped 2017 Touring motorcycles to the areas of Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, and Walla Walla, Washington, as well as Pendleton, Oregon.

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